The finished large solar generator featured in our “DIY How To Build a Solar Generator” video series. We go over the solar generator features, solar panel kit specs, and battery bank expansion units. In addition, we show how to upgrade / improve several aspects of the original design including a higher power AC power inverter (3,000 watt continuous, 6,000 watt peak), fully waterproof external switches, mounting improvements, and a better way to store accessories inside the solar generator main case.

I have posted links to the updated components I am using below. See the full component list and build instructions here:

How To Build A Solar Generator (3,000 Watt) – Part 1

Amazon links:
3000 Watt Inverter –
Pelican 1620 Case –
Solar Panel Kit –
IPV6 Switch –
Switch harness –
JB Weld Epoxy –

Shurk – Innocent Man –