We off all types of raised floor or access floor & perforated tiles for server room and Datacenter. Raised access floor offered by us are calcium sulphate raised access flooring, woodcore type raised flooring, and encapsulated type raised floor system. Raised flooring system offered by us is anti static floor. We also offer LINDNER raised floor made in Germany. LINDNER access floor offer LIGNA and NORTEC type raised floor. Our raised floor has following features:

1) Available in calcium sulphate, woodcore and encapsulated type.
2) Our raised flooring has high load bearing capacity.
3) Fire resistance capacity up to 60 minutes.
4) Galvanized steel sheet provided at bottom of each raised floor tile.
5) Raised floor panel is less affected by variation in humidity and temperature.
6) It anti static floor.
7) Raised floor is environmental friendly since no Volatile organic components not used.
8) It is totally recyclable.

Brands: LINDNER raised floor, LIGNA raised floor, NORTEC raised floor.

Raised floor is important component of server room and data center. This article going to discuss advantage of raised flooring in server room. Raised access floor system provides housing for electrical cables, air conditioner ducting, chilled water and refrigerant piping etc. Raised access flooring not only provides space but also provide easy excess to components under it for maintenance point of view. As Turnkey Data center solution provider, we offer best quality of raised access floor

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