In this video, I head out to the San Rafael Swell in Utah with the goal of putting together a backpacking trip with unfavorable conditions. I also bring along the new JetBoil Stash lightweight backpacking stove to test out.

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Kimberly Green, Antoinette Goud, Keith Holt, Harlan Whitley, Perry Kerr

00:00 Intro
01:27 JetBoil Stash Backpacking Stove
02:43 Heading to The Swell
03:02 Backcountry Campsite
04:47 Dinner
06:07 Sunset in The Swell
08:29 Good Morning Camp Chat
13:30 Hike Out
16:48 Exploring Mysterious Tunnels
19:55 Trip Debrief

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I’m Christine and after my plans to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 2020 were derailed, I have decided to spend time living on the road– camping, hiking and backpacking. # haha! Most of the time I am leading a minimalist life, off-grid in the wilderness backcountry or boondocking at camp.


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