It’s an extreme snowstorm at the off grid cabin experiencing winter’s wrath, Cabin Blizzard, yes another blizzard snow storm hits the homestead and off grid cabin nestled in the woods of of Northern Ontario, Canada. Winter Cabin Living isn’t easy even at the on grid homestead that frequently loses power. The winds howl relentlessly through the trees as Glenn and Maureen venture outside on their 40 acre forested homestead to record Mother Nature’s fury. As the winter blizzard wind whips by, blowing snow sideways, Maureen explains that living in a remote area, they’re prepared for power outages at their on grid homestead whenever winter storms blow in. Being a nature recordist, Glenn takes every opportunity to capture the sights and sounds of the wilderness that surrounds their homestead, and just loves extreme snowstorms. He explains that although the off grid cabin is the perfect place to capture winter’s wrath, the wet snow load on the tree tops, and the blustering high winds create a hazzard for walking along the cabin trail. The cabin blizzard continues into the night and early morning. Winter cabin living in the wilderness, off grid is an amazing experience, as Glenn and Maureen did for over 4 months in their tiny off grid cabin, depending on their own skills and self reliance, and continue living full time on their 40 acres of wilderness in Ontario Canada.

It’s another wild winter storm at the end of February, once again revealing nature’s power. Glenn captures videos of the snow as it whips up and drifts, across the land, leaving a fresh white blanket through the forest. A beautiful danger or a dangerous beauty, as he refers to the magnificent display of Mother Nature.

This episode features an excerpt from Glenn’s compositions “Winter’s Wrath”.

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Cabin Life Theme Music “Algonquin Trippin” by Glenn Hubert All Rights Reserved 2013

“Winter’s Wrath” by Glenn Hubert All Rights Reserved 2014

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