Welcome to this EOD Synthesis modpack let’s play. EOD Synthesis is a new Minecraft 1.12.2 modpack by the EOD team. Let’s play EOD Synthesis!

– Mekanism Advanced Solar Generator! –

In this episode we start this brand new 1.12.2 modded Minecraft pack called EOD (End of Days) Synthesis. We need more power. So the first thing we do is make some RF storage in the form of a power cell from the RFTools mod. Then we look at the Mekanism advanced solar generator. To make it we’ll first need a metallurgic infuser to make an enriched alloy. We also make some free runners.

EOD Synthesis details:




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About EOD Synthesis:

So Synthesis is a kitchen sink pack, bringing small parts (mods) to form a whole (modpack). Synthesis is the first proper kitchen sink pack we are releasing that was not our test pack. This is going to be frequently updated and tested to make sure we bring you guys the latest and greatest content we possibly can. Now I know you all are probably thinking “Oh great another kitchen sink pack, don’t we have a million of those?”, while yes there are many kitchen sink packs out there, one of our main focuses is to include mods to make the pack feel fresh and fun while still allowing you to use your favorite mods. We’ve got some more obscure mods like Unlimited Chisel Works, Earthworks, Powered Thingies, Immersive Railroads, Grim Pack, Prefab (for those that don’t like to build starter houses), Just a Few Fish, Totemic, Runes of Wizardry, and the brand new Gadetry mod by Elucent (not a ton of content just yet but we will keep that one updated). We of course have your favorite mods too like Tinkers’ Construct, Thermal Expansion, Botania, and many more. We hope you enjoy this modpack and keep an eye out for our future content!