It doesn’t get much easier than this. Here are a few ideas on how to purify water when you’re out camping, off grid, or boondocking. We’ll also share a few ideas of some items you should ALWAYS have in your car. (Not a comprehensive list.) If you’re looking to NOT spend a lot of time or money on a simple water filter, this is the video for you. Please leave comments below, and share YOUR ideas on easy water filtration. Thanks for watching.

If you are interested in seeing the blog (with pics) of our 14 day outdoor experiment in a tent with only a pond for our water needs please go here:

We have included some of the items showcased in this video below as part of our Amazon Affiliate page. If we could not find the exact item we tried to find another item that is similar to what we have. Following the links will not cost you any extra.

The Aqua Rain Water Filter was not found but this Berkey Travel Filter is very similar.

Mini-Sawyer Water Filter

Life Straw

Water Pressure Regulator

Flameless Fire Lighter (similar to what we showed)

Water Faucet Splitter