We got our Travel Berkey water filter and now it’s time for a review and some essential set up tips (trust me on this, you’ll need them). This is seriously the best water filter we’ve come across for RV living, vanlife and an ultimate off grid essential item.

After talking about it for the last few years, after doing an interview on a RV family’s Berkey, I knew it was finally time to take the plunge (no pun intended).

***To go straight to set up tips, skip to 3:00***

To see the interview: https://fernthecamper.wixsite.com/explore/post/one-couple-two-dogs-one-cat-a-travel-trailer-and-a-berkey

So far, we LOVE the Berkey and it’s the best water we’ve had… ever. Except that one time when we had fresh water just melted from snow at the top of a mountain… you know, NOT the bottled junk that claims the same, but the actually melted snow that you have to cup your hands in to catch and then it tastes like liquid awesomeness. That.
But the set up is a real… well, let’s say it rhymes with ‘which’. It needn’t be though. If you have your Berkey, but haven’t set it up yet, do have a look at this first and save yourself a heap of cursewords

If you want to get your own, please use the affiliate link provided below:
Travel Berkey with Fluoride Filters: https://amzn.to/2MJtgtI

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Filmed on the DJI Osmo Action and Cannon G7X Mark II
Edited on the HP laptop
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