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If you’re looking for a simple and compact way to bring power into your rig, the Kodiak Solar Generator by Inergy is by far the best solution we’ve come across. We’re both really excited about the Kodiak and it’s ensured we’ve had power no matter what kind of adventure we’re on.

I usually spend weeks researching things like solar before buying batteries, inverters, solar panels, and charge controllers for campers/RVs. I think what I like most about the Kodiak is that it takes care of all the research for you. In it you get the charge controller, battery, inverter, and if you choose, solar panels. This is an incredible package that is small, light, and incredibly useful. It’s a pretty mindless setup that takes little time to install (no time if you don’t have solar) and if you’re not electrically savvy, could even do so without much instruction.

The Kodiak is perfect for the van dweller, RV’er, or car camper. It is light enough at 20 lbs that you can throw it in your vehicle and be on the road with enough power to keep you going for a long weekend. If you want to stay out longer and need to charge you have a few different options. You can easily connect Inergy solar panels to the Kodiak with just one connection. You can then daisy chain solar panels together for a faster recharge. You can also plug the Kodiak into a 110V source (wall outlet) or plug it directly into your vehicles 12V cigarette lighter. With many options for charging the Kodiak, you should never find yourself short on power. 

I love how I can use the Kodiak in so many different situations. Cally and I will sometimes head out for a long weekend car camping and we can easily throw the Kodiak in to keep all the cameras charged. We also take it with us in the RV as we don’t have solar on it. With the 30A camper plug that Kodiak provides we are able to keep all the batteries on the RV charged. This brings me to my next point…. Have I mentioned how small and compact this unit is?

The RV has 430AH of batteries on it, which is a lot. However those batteries weigh almost 400 pounds and take up quite a bit of space. The Kodiak is only 90AH but with the solar it’s easy to keep it charged and to keep all our electronics charged. It has a pure sine wave inverter in it meaning it’s safe to plug all of our computers and tablets directly into it. If you’re using one of the 12V cigarette type plugs on the Kodiak you don’t even need to turn the inverter on which will save quite a bit of juice for other items. 

If you have a smaller rig or switch rigs/activities often, Inergy Solar Generators are one of the best options available for keeping you powered on the go. Whether you’re using it on camping trips, keeping it at the house for a backup power system, or mounting solar on your van and using this as your power unit for the van, Inergy products are built with adventurers in mind, are extremely easy to use, and will fit in a small space.

While we’ve loved the Kodiak system for multiple different rigs, we’re also excited to announce that Inergy has upgraded the Kodiak to the Apex unit. When the two complaints you’ve had about a product are corrected in the upgrade, you have to know a company is doing something right. The new Apex is very similar to the Kodiak but with a few noticeable and important changes.

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