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Sakalakala Tv presents, in response with viewers suggestions, a detailed review of SOLAR WASHING MACHINE and SOLAR AIR COOLER(PART-1). Many of the subscribers raised a query that, “will washing machine, fridge or air coolers operate in direct solar power?”, and this video is an answer for it. This solar washing machine shown in this video, operates on 48V DC with single 250W solar panel. Hence only one solar panel is required to operate this washing machine. This machine can hold up to 6kg of clothes also this is light in weight made from BLDC motor. In order to use this in regular 230V power supply, a 230V to 48V converter is required. Moreover this can also be directly coupled with 48V battery, otherwise directly with a solar panel. This 48V washing machine costs Rs.5500/- and 48V air cooler costs Rs.9000/- . Both these appliances are certified by IIT. The part 2 of this video presents STABILIZER-FREE 48V SOLAR FRIDGE. Don’t miss to watch it..!!