I rewired my solar power battery bank in the off grid RV. When I put the battery bank together I used the materials I had on hand at the time. Now its time to improve the wiring for best performance.

Originally I did not have enough wire to go all the way to the ends of the bus bar so I just connected everything to one end of the battery bank. It worked but it was not the most efficient way to run things.

Now that I took apart the solar power system from the off grid camper I had some wire I could use to improve the solar RV. These wires were meant to go into the off grid solar workshop but for now the RV needs them more.

I extended the positive wire on the solar charge controller to go all the way to the far side of the battery bank bus bar. I left the negative terminal in place closer to the charge controller. Now the leads are at opposite ends of one another.

I took the negative lead of the pure sine wave inverter and moved it to the far end of the battery bank, leaving the positive terminal in place closer to the inverter. Now these terminals are also at opposite ends of one another but opposite of the solar charge controller.

This is how I was told you get the best performance from your battery bank.

Time will tell if this is true or not. When I checked the battery voltages, nothing changed by wiring it up this way. The batteries were all equalized.

I think the inverter will benefit the most from this setup. Again, time will tell how well the wiring improves performance.

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