Today we share with you pt 1 of our renovation, we decided to start renovating our off grid tiny home. Hope you enjoy.

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Renovating our off grid tiny home


We have escaped the 9-5 and we are building off grid, tiny home building is a passion of ours, off grid Australia, tiny home, self sufficiency is what we LOVE, we are building our geodesic dome, later we will be renovating our tiny home, stay tuned for more. off grid living is a dream come true, we love this lifestyle, so much freedom and most of all we love living big in a tiny house.

Have you ever pondered any of these questions?

How is living off grid?
Is living off the grid hard?
How to escape the rat race?
How to live rent free?
I wonder what debt free living is like?
Can I build an off grid tiny home?
Whats it like living in a tiny home?
How to live off grid Australia?

We asked these questions over and over and decided to take the plunge, we quit our 6 figure salaries, join us as we build tony house, we bought some land with a Tiny Home on to live off grid, rent free and escape the rate race, escaping the 9-5 is the best thing we ever did!!! Living off grid in a tiny home is amazing, living debt free takes off so many struggles and burdens, eases your mind.

WHO loves the tiny home? We love living big in a tiny home, we adjust to off grid living, spend a day, well actually no, about a week in the life with us, or a lifetime. living off the grid is the best thing ever, we are kinda addicted to alternative living and self sufficiency to change your life all you have to do is change your mind, living off the grid Australia or living remote isn’t for everyone as it is a massive change to what most people are used too. Living debt free is something anyone can achieve but you must be willing to make some life style changes. Debt free family living no mortgage has changed our lives.

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John, Vic, Anaya, Bruff & Zepha

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