Rainwater Repair: Wet To Dry Water Catchment Plumbing

We decided a year ago to try growing greens and other vegetables in our greenhouse over the winter. We happy to report that we are successful growing them in our greenhouse! Now we’re on the verge of growing a new crop of sweet potatoes.

Irene and Henry have been living off grid full time since 2005 on a 43 acre off grid homestead in the high desert of Northern Arizona. Situated at 5280′ elevation, we enjoy four seasons of beautiful scenery and weather about 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon.

We grow most of our green beans, peppers, yellow beans, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, squash, garlic, and herbs. Specialty crops like asparagus, sun chokes, and lavender are supplemented by foraged foods including wild ground cherries, prickly pear, and other native plants.

Electricity is made using solar panels and one 400W wind generator. We power our buildings in two groups: Irene’s studio by itself, and house infrastructure: house, greenhouse, and workshops.

Thanks for joining us on our continuing journey.

Take care.

Henry & Irene
BrainStorm Acres
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Ash Fork, AZ 86320

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