Brief introduction of solar power inverter

This inverter with motor-based design.It is suitable for home and outdoor use, it could support Air conditioner, refrigerator and other home instruments and it could be also connected with drilling and welding machines.laser printer. Stability of this equipment is good, the charging current is big and the charge rate is also very high. The output wave is pure sine wave.

Off grid inverter Advantage of solar power Inverter :
1.Pure sine wave AC output, wide application range;
2 .High frequency design, low power consumption, high transfer efficiency and long backup time;
3.CPU control technology, on-load standby and mute function;
4. Superior start-up ability to start the load directly;
5. Perfect protection overload, short circuit, over voltage, under-voltage over temperature protection;
6. Low noise, aluminum alloys shell, strong anti-interference ability, low radiation;