48 Volt system consisting of:

4 x 165 Ah AGM batteries from Aussie Batteries in series

2 x Blue Sea 250 Amp busbars(4 way). One for the Negative connection and one for the Positive connection.

1 x Blue Sea 9003e On Off switch,

1 x Victron Mega Fuse holder and 200 Amp Fuse (200A/58V)

1 x Victron Colour Control GX panel

Connected to the internet via a Cat 5 Ethernet cable (5 metres) to a Netgear Nighthawk M1 mobile router using Telstra as internet provider. Data updates are currently every 1 minute to VRM Portal.
Update (22/4/18) Updated firmware on router and added the wifi dongle : https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BPP900100200-Victron-CCGX-WiFi-module-simple-Nano-USB/182736237176?hash=item2a8bedb278:g:NLAAAOSwridZ6UAb
Bought from ebay. I disabled sleep mode on the ethernet port and the also disabled it on wifi.

1 x Victron Multiplus 48V/5000/70  connected to the CCGX via VE Bus cable (5 metres)

1 x Victron 150/45 MPPT solar charge controller connected to the CCGX via a VE direct cable (5 metres)

1 x Victron BMV 700 Battery Monitor connected to the CCGX via a VE direct cable ( 5 metres)


12 x 175 watt second hand solar panels about 8 years old as of 2017. Mounted on a roof of pitch of about 30 degrees, roof faces east and west, so 6 panels get morning sun and 6 afternoon sun. Between 10am and 2pm both sides get full sun. They have Voc of about 40 volts and 4.5 Amps max. I connected 3 in series series to give 120Voc @ 4.5amps and then parallel them up, so they are in groups of 3 panels giving 4 sets of 3 panels, which is why I went with the 150volt MPPT, the higher voltage allowed less losses over the longer cable runs from the solar panels to the MPPT. So 3 panels are in series and then I get another 3 panels in series and then parallel those up and run a 6mm cable down to the circuit board. I repeat this for the next 6 panels.

6mm solar cable was used to run from the panels into the MPPT via the circuit board. Probably about 20- 30 metres all up.

2 X Schneider Miniature C65H-DC Breaker 2 Pole 250V-16A DC Air Switch / Circuit Breaker (These are to be able to disconnect the Solar panels from the system if required – Purchased from Ebay)

2 X 70mm welding cable used to connect batteries in series. (Ebay)

2 X 70mm cables used between ALL connections:  +ve Battery terminal to 9003e Switch, 90003e Switch to Fuse, Fuse to Bus Bar, Multi to Busbars, Busbar to Shunt, Shunt to -ve Battery terminal

35mm cable used between 150/45 MPPT and Busbars for +ve and -ve

1 X 7KVA Diesel generator from Ablesales.com.au (LPK71)

2 wire auto start configured off the CCGX relay for the Generator auto start.

Utilising the 32 Amp generator outlet to go to the Multi AC in. Currently configured to limit current from generator to 16 amps.
The Multi is also configured for maximum charge current of 32 amps into the batteries.
Generator auto start is configured to turn generator on when system is at 60% and to charge to 80% and then turn off.
This takes approximately 1 hour and 5 minutes for the generator to do this (depending what other items are running at the farm).
I also am utilising the off peak time of 0900 to 1700 and the generator is configured to turn on at 55% and charge to 75% during this time. (It usually does not need to do this unless it is a very cloudy day and lots of heavy items used such as a dryer. Yes you heard right, unfortunately some people just can’t live without their comforts).