Please watch: “Off Grid Truck camper, Quick easy Thunder storm salad in a RV” –~–
if you have a old RV try to fix it yourself. you need to find some shop manuals and or diagnostic manuals. carry some extra parts, like hoses, belts, fuses and with todays gasoline, rubber hose for replacing gas lines. have some tools stored in a place to use.

RVing and boondocking off grid in my solar powered Truck Camper. Living free with no rent or utilities bills. Videos of life in a truck . Using solar panels for off grid living maintaining Batteries. How i handle situations as they come up like, security, fighting boredom and keeping my RV maintained on the road.But mostly to have a great time and a few laughs along the way.

Short Camp Fire stories. Do Native spirits appear to us as Ghosts? Do they still Haunt the old villages of the past? Spirit Guides. Also staring, Lilly the traveling meow