We are finally harvesting some nice foods from our garden. Some of our plants did not grow so fast due to the heat but with all the recent rain, things are looking better.

We have an organic garden which is a combination of the square foot garden and the back to eden style garden. We have 4 foot wide rows of vegetables with two foot pathways in between. This allows us to reach all the vegetables from the pathways and gives us a more dense planting.

We have a mess of tomatoes that we already brought in the other day which we are going to can on video. We have already been eating summer squash for a while now in our meals.

We have a huge batch of green beans which we will can as well. Compared to the grocery store at $3.49 a pound this is a nice savings.

I picked the peas as well but most are too far gone to eat since we were gone for a while. But we will use these as dried peas or for next plantings seeds. Nothing is lost or wasted on the off grid homestead.

We also have our first pickles. The normal cucumbers are still growing slowly, probably due to the drought this year so far. But they are finally starting to grow now that it is raining again.

We have some mixed peppers but sadly something is eating them right off the plant before they are ripe. Something got a taste for peppers of all kinds. Even the hot peppers are all gone.

Our cabbage is growing but something is eating it up on us as well. I have to find an organic way to treat the cabbage and save it.

We are using all organic gardening methods this year. We are learning though so it will take time for us to figure out all the tricks and tips to save our harvest.

I have been struggling with my Windows 10 laptop which keeps rebooting multiple times per day. The software is downloading updates all day long, every day and then rebooting on me automatically. I have tried to turn off the updates various ways but nothing seems to be working.

And there is a windows upgrade reminder asking me to upgrade to win 10, which came pre-installed on my computer. This annoying program installed itself and now pops up in my face all the time while I work. There is no cancel as it looks for updates. No close. Nothing you can do as it checks for updates.

Sorry for that but I have been having struggles with my computer and therefore it has been hard to get videos to you.

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