First time i made ice by Thermoelectric module ( TEC module) and i felt like i am a big scientist ( just for fraction of a second).

What is TEC module ?

-The TEC module is a Device who work in Peltier effect.

What is Peltier effect ?

“Jean Charles Athanase Peltier” Who was a French Physicist, who discovered that if you make joint from two different conductors than you will get two points or junctions, if you apply DC current to juncton than one conductor will get hot and other will be cool. It is just opposite of seebeck effect.

We use TEC module for cooling or heating. It is also represent seebeck effect, we can also generate electricity by creating temperature difference (on its sides).
TEC modules are made for Microprocessors but people use it for making tiny freezer and air conditioner.

Thank you so much for giving time for this description.