Part two of two.

Replacing my RV copper plumbing with brand new PEX pipes.

After a trip into the hardware store I was told that the copper water pipes in the kitchen had been frozen and expanded. That is why they would not fit into my PEX adapters. So I had to figure a way to connect them. Fortunately I had a spare piece of copper pipe I had saved from the bathroom that fit nicely.

Now I am happy that I had decided to remove all the copper lines. Who knows how weak the original lines were now.

I started running the hot water lines in the afternoon hours. Everything went smoother now that I know what I am doing and how I am connecting the lines.

By late afternoon I had all the new RV plumbing in place and even connected the hot water heater. I turned on the water pump a bit at a time while checking all the fittings. After tightening a few leaks, I finally had the pump running and pressurizing the system.

At least I thought.

Watch the video to see why it never worked out in the end….