Summer usually brings too much fruit to eat. I want to store some for later! A shower door works well because it’s made of safety glass. Put it on a gently-sloped roof or other inclined surface. It increase the heat and keep birds away. And there’s no electricity used!

I arrange bricks so that the glass door won’t slip and fall. Also, I don’t put this out on very windy days!

I use regular cookie sheets or drying racks for the fruit.

It usually takes more than one day to finish drying. I bring the fruits in at night. The acid from the fruit will affect some cookie sheets, so sometimes I use parchment paper under them.

I’ve done similar fruit drying inside my car windshield, when it’s pointed toward the sun.

When the fruit slices are nice and dry, I put them in clean jars (normal re-used food jars and lids) and seal tightly. The fruit can last for years this way without refrigeration. Sometimes I add a desiccant packs to the jars (which we save from other products), to keep the jars extra dry inside.

The dried fruit tastes really good. Even a year after storing it, my kids often like it better than fresh fruit. They think of it as a treat.

We’ve made fruit leather using this same “solar dehydrator” too.