Watch out easy steps to dry Clothes in DMR MiniWash Portable Washing Machine. (Single tub washing machine with steel dryer basket, Model : 46-1218) (Voice : Hindi) (Purchase it on Amazon :

DMR Mini Washing Machine has washing performance using less water and power. With the total washing capacity of 4.6 kgs, this washing machine enables you in conveniently washing approximately 8-9 clothes. This mini washing machine has copper motor that is powerful and durable. The DMR Mini Wash has stainless steel Dryer Basket that can quickly spin clothes up to 2 kgs.

DMR mini washing machine has 15 minutes wash time and 6 minutes spin time. Due to plastic body, this mini washing machine is very light weight. This washing machine uses the clock wise and anti-clock wise washing cycle to wash your clothes. It helps the detergent in dissolving properly, so that it reaches to every area of the clothes and scrubs out the stains and dirt efficiently.

This washing machine is power efficient and consumes only 240 Watts of power. It also consumes less water for washing cloth.

DMR mini washing machine is very light weight. It is easy to shift washing machine from one corner of the house to the other. This mini washing machine can be placed anywhere in your house and it does not need a continuous water connection.

DMR Mini Washing Machine is made up of plastic body that remains protected against rusting and corrosion.

Features of DMR MiniWash Portable Washing Machine
Body : Plastic body with Stainless Steel Dryer Tub
Capacity : 4.6 Kilograms
Dimensions : 42*45*66 Cms
Compartments : Single Tub
Wash Program : Pulsator Wash Method
Control : Semi Automatic
Spin Speed/Rpm : 300
Tub Type : Stainless Steel
Installation Type : Free Standing
Wattage : 240 Watts
Material : Plastic
Washing Capacity : Below 6 Kg

DMR mini washing machine has two mechanical controls – one timer and other mode (Spin /wash),
Water inlet pipe (about 4 feet),
Water outlet pipe (attached to the machine),
Rinse or dryer basket (which is having 2.5Kg capacity)
and power supply cable.

Some guidelines for washing clothes in DMR MiniWash Portable Washing Machine

1) Even 1/4 of the spoon is enough for full bucket of cloths. Fill washing machine with water to 1/2 of its capacity. Add detergent into it; let it dissolve for two minutes.

2. Put your cloths inside washing machine and let them soak in water for at least 15 minutes.

3. Now set control on to wash mode for 9 to 10 minutes (that enough). Let the machine work.

4. Once completed, washing machine stops the operation automatically. Now you can set it to drain mode and let the outlet pipe down. It will drain all the water out of machine.

5. Once water is out, set machine to wash mode again, keep outlet pipe at original location. Now again fill the machine with same amount of water and repeat step 3 (for 3 to 4 minutes) and step 4.

6. Your clothes are clean. Just keep the cloths in washing machine for few minutes while water is taken out from outlet. It will definitely remove excess water from cloths.

7. Dryer basket is almost small (Around 2.5 Kg). You can’t put more than 4 shirts in that basket.

So ultimately you have to manually rinse cloths after washing.

Our Reviews : DMR Portable Washing Machine has affordable price. (Around Rs 5000/- from Online Retailer) This washing machine required less space; even small bathrooms can handle the machine.

This DMR Washing Machine cleans cloths properly. It makes no damage to cloths. (Make sure you do not put any metal inside the machine with cloths) This Washing Machine definitely saves water. Only two buckets of water needed for single operation. (For one bucket of cloths)

It will reduce the monthly detergent and soap cost. This DMR washing machine is energy efficient. This machine consumed just 4 to 5 extra units are for entire month.

This DMR washing machine is quite useful for small spaces and small family. It fits in to space of 2×2 feet and height is about 2.5 feet.

It work smoothly and wash 8 or 9 adult cloths easily.

Note : Do not attach dryer with machine in washing mode.

Locking mechanism of dryer basket with machine is not good. It can loose while spinning and can damage your machine. Normally it happen when you put more weight in dryer.

It is comfortable to use for few cloths and you have fully automatic machine which cannot be used for few cloths. It works as normal semi automatic machine, only the size is small and can be adjusted in small area.

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