Homemade Air Conditioner! DIY AC (Air Cooler) Easy DIY. Air Cooler provides cool air for hours using only 2 to 4 “blue-ice-paks” (just rotate ice-paks in and out as needed) *and use (or add) ice cubes for extra cooling!. (holds up to 6 trays of ice at a time). produces super low temps. it’s powerful, portable (and durable) design allows it to by easily transported. made with only a couple of things (a small “lunch-box” sized ice-chest, computer case fan, 2″ PVC Elbow and either “ice-packs” or regular ice. can be solar powered with the use of one small panel (optional). beat the summer heat (on a budget) with this small, powerful air cooling device. if you like the vid. please rate, subscribe and share