Knowing when and how to harvest and dry your homegrown onions is important to ensure they store well and last through the winter months with no rot.

Harvesting onions are easy but you should not just pull them from the soil, rather you should use a fork and pry them gently lifting the onion. All care should be taken to avoid straining the neck of the onion, if this is stretched too much it will cause damage to the bulb and it will rot during storing.

Learning how to harvest onions ensures you can store them. Lay them on the ground for a couple of hours to allow them to dry off. Later you can peel back the onion skins to a complete unblemished or split skin, Don’t worry about taking off multiple layers You need a complete skin to avoid any disease or fungus being able to set in during storage.

Today I show you exactly how to harvest onions and dry your homegrown onions to get them ready. Learn how to store onions for the long winter months ahead. It doesn’t matter if you have homegrown white onions red onions or even yellow onions they all harvested and dried the same way. In a later episode, I will teach you how to string up your onions in order to allow airflow and keep them fresh all winter long.

Remember, you reap what you sow! and homegrown is best!

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