How to build a freeze resistant water tank that doesn’t require power, operates in zero degree weather and costs under $100 in materials.
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It can be adapted for any variety of animals with different construction of the base – this video isn’t about that but about the actual tank build.
I prototype’d this design last winter and after several weeks of sustained below freezing weather it still works every time. We now use these for all our hog sets on pasture during the winter. I’m sure someone far enough north would get it to freeze solid but for us here in Virginia it’s been a time and money saver.
~For the sake of time as this was getting long, I trimmed out explanations for the extra pieces you see. They are glued together to make different stems to screw in the front if the unit. Free flow for the winter and threaded for a float valve in the summer. ~
Links below to the critical pieces, everything else can be found at a hardware store and IBC’s are available just about anywhere.
Let me see your designs should you use this!
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