I was busy all day working on the greenhouse framing. I am nearly done now. We are using the power of the sun for light to power most of our needs.

I got right to work in the morning on the greenhouse framing. I finally got the angle of the rafters perfect and nailed one set into place on the roof.

I started experimenting on framing in the doorway as well. Remember I am using scrap and junk lumber so I am letting the wood lead and guide me as I go rather than making a solid, firm plan on paper.

The framing of the doorway also strengthens up the entire building and stops wobble.

Outside in the yard I had my SunJack folding solar panel and my SunTactics folding solar panel out charging my two SunJack LED light sticks.

We use the LED light inside our tiny house at night instead of using grid powered lights. All of our lamps inside the tiny home are converted to LED bulbs anyway but the more we can save, the better.

We also use our main solar panels during the day to charge up batteries in our devices such as phones and laptops. This allows us to run nearly fully off the grid at night.

The fridge is powered directly by the solar panels during the day.

The only thing that we cannot power right now with our solar panels is the water pump, which is 240 volts AC.

At this time we are not using any heat since the Chalet/tiny house is well insulated and maintains a temperature around 70 degrees F all the time.

In the afternoon Melanie prepared a meal for us to cook out in the GoSun solar stove. I set up the stove and left the meal all day to cook. You cannot really over cook a meal in this stove so its perfect to set it and forget it.

Out on the greenhouse build I put together two 11 foot long shelves to hold all of or garden plants we saved from the freezing nights which destroyed everything else.

This took me quite some time because again I am working with scrap lumber but I got it eventually.

I then put all our plants up on the shelves and sat back to enjoy my work.

Back inside our off grid tiny house dinner was ready. It sure turned out good and was that much better because it was cooked for free by the power of the sun.

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