I just used my new Solar Dehydrator for the first time. It was FREE & SO SIMPLE to make! I’ve been busy foraging and this year I finally searched out some wild mint! I wanted to preserve some of these mint leaves, among other things. One thing I love is to have a tea on cool mornings & I’ve been looking for ways to get away from those commercial tea bags. Sure, we can buy bulk teas and expensive teas that promise quality sources and no additives, but if I’ve learned anything it’s that you only really know what’s in something if you DO IT YOURSELF! With that attitude, I set out to make a DIY Solar Dehydrator so that I could preserve my mint leaves for tea and other dishes and now use it for some other fun projects. Maybe we will dry some fruit in it, too? Who knows how many different foraged foods we’ll want to dry & keep. This dehydrator opens up a lot of options. Now, the best thing about this dehydrator is that it is SIMPLE! So easy to make and use and requires absolutely no need to be on grid. This is TRUE Solar, folks! And all you need to get started are a few easy-to-find scrap materials. You can do this project for cheap or likely FREE!