A solar kiln I have built this summer to dry some wood I sawmill from two old falling trees we had in the garden, and for future more I might get so I can dry my own wood.

The kiln is based on the well know Virginia Tech design, adapted for my own needs and materials I could find easily on local hardware stores. Mine has a storage space inside of about 1.5 m in length, 0.85 m wide and 0.65 high (~5’ x 2.75’ x 2’ ). This design uses the sun to heat up the wood inside during daytime in order to release moisture, then the wood will rest throughout the night, same cycle the following days, until the moisture reaches the desired level, and it can take from several days up to one or two months depending on the wood state, outside conditions etc.

More details about the design and build I have wrote on this blog article https://www.adrianpreda.com/blog/solar-kiln
and the first results, charts, recordings etc https://www.adrianpreda.com/blog/solar-kiln-run

Tools used in this video:
• Evolution Sliding Miter Saw R255SMS https://amzn.to/2m29Arg
• Bessey Kliclamps – http://geni.us/8xbg (Amazon), https://bit.ly/2UJ3pan (Dictum)
• • Full list of the tools here on my website https://www.adrianpreda.com/blog/tools

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