This thing is pretty excellent for the price/weight/power ratios it provides and will fit my needs to have the ability to charge multiple devices and batteries, to include a laptop, while I’m on the road.

I’ll update this description as I do some testing with it to give some longevity reviews.

Take a look at this battery is you are looking for something similar. I’m pretty impressed with it so far!

42,000mAh/210watt battery –

Screwpop Utility Knife –

Laser Eyes – NOT FOR SALE!


**If you want to just get started making your own YouTube videos inexpensively.

Here’s My Current Video/Sound/Light Setup (less than $1k):

Canon SL2/200D DSLR (best combo deal!):
Spare Camera Batteries:
TAKSTAR SGC Shotgun Mic:
72” Tripod – Basic/Simple/Lightweight:
Dual Bi-Color Dimmable LED Softbox Lighting:
Lapel Mic w/16ft cable:
Omni-Directional TRRS Mic for iPhone:
Bi-Color Ring Light w/iPhone mount:
10ft C-Stand:
JOBY Gorilla Pod:

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